Hiking Gear You Need for a Safe Trip

Luckily, hiking gear does not need to be extremely expensive. This changes if you were hiking for days. But, for the most part, you don’t much gear to have yourself a good hike. Travel light and maybe don’t take a heavy book bag with you, if your going to back home the same night. Book bags are not something you need on a one day trip. I assure you you can leave it home. Bring one water bottle and some boots. A good best camera for hiking, if you want to take some beautiful nature pictures. Hiking is generally fun and you should treat it as such. Don’t let the gear make your trudging, climbing, and finding a drag. Here are some gear you should have when you want to go hiking. Basic gear that will help you out.

Hiking Gear You Need for a Safe Trip

Close Toe Shoes or Boots

Always, wear closed toe shoes and boots when you go out in the woods. The woods are not a beach. You will step on things. Things like ants, spiders, rats, foxes, fish, pounds, puddles, dirt, and other things you can not name. Some of these things are harmless. But, some of them can give you a foot paralyze fungus like the Anaconda: Hunt for the Blood Orchid movie. Paralyze your foot and then work its way up to your arms. Your body won’t be able to move. These strange things exist in the woods. You need to wear boots and closed toe shoes to protect you against these things. That can crawl in your skin and make you wish you had a body builder guy with you. For all insects crawling on floor, wear the boots and closed toe shoes.

 Appropriate Clothing

Appropriate clothing is another must have. For one day trips, I suggest wearing long pants and a t shirt. This applies to summer environments. Those of you that venture in winter woods for a day, should wear long pants and a jacket warm enough to last a day. For long trips, you should wear long sleeve clothing that can be folded. Long sleeve shirts that can be rolled up. Long pants that can be turned into shorts. You also bring a pair of shorts with you. This is appropriate clothing for people in summer seasons. For winter seasons, I don’t suggest you spend weeks in the woods hiking. Only spend one day in the woods hiking in snow. In the snow, you come across wolves and dangerous night weather that can kill you in one night. If you are not on a work trip, please avoid hiking in the snow for more than one day. Hiking in the snow for more than one day is not a field trip. Its a trip that could kill you and makes you regret coming out there to see nature.


Flashlights should be in your pack at all times. You might see a cave you want to explore or realize its getting dark. I don’t know about you, but I know I would rather use a flash light at night and the crack of night. Using my phone light is not good when I need my phone to call for help in case I take a wrong turn and my GPS is fried. The camera light on the best camera for hiking can be used to see in night too. Most of the camera come with a good light for you to shine in front. Make sure the camera is light though. Who knows how long your going to be walking in those dark woods. No matter what, bring a flash light and make sure you have back up batteries for it as well.

In spite of, you can avoid not needing a flash light by waking up early to go hiking. The Sun is out for 12 hours fully. You can catch it and stay in the light. Do this to avoid needing a flashlight. But, you also need to make sure you reach your car before the Sun goes down. If your not by the car when Sun goes down, your going to wish you were. At night in woods, things happen and some people get little crazy. You could find yourself in all matter of trouble. In short, be on your way to car when you see the Sun set.

 Camera to Take Pictures

Taking a picture in the woods is something you could use. Nature is a beautiful place when you venture in safely. It can show you things about your self. Sometimes, you can hear the spirits talk to you. Capture the experience you had in woods. It may be a long time before you can again. Capture the experience and take some pictures. Flash thousands of frames that capture visual looks in HD form. Take ones with friends and ones of nature. Make your experience come back to your mind by keeping it locked into a picture frame and stored on your bedroom shelf.