How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig for Beginners?

By | September 27, 2019

The guinea pig is an interactive, wonderful pet but they also need some specific care which you need to do for keeping them healthy. When you feed the guinea pig with the right diet, maintenance and housing then these small pets can easily live for five years when you take special care on these small pet animals. If you are interested in growing a guinea pig in your home then it is very much important to know how to take care of the guinea pig for the beginners in order to keep your pet happy and healthy.

The guinea pigs are sometime called as cavies which are funny, hardy and this pet animal is easy to maintain that are growing in popularity. These pet animals are so affectionate and good with the children where these guinea pigs need a special care for keeping them healthy and live for longer time. The following are some of the tips for the beginners to keep their guinea pig stronger.

They are.

  • First you need to choose the right cage for your guinea pig because when you own 2 guinea pigs then you need to buy a cage with larger space to accommodate both of the guinea pigs in a single cage. So in order to keep the guinea pig stay happy in the cage you need to choose the size of the cage accordingly only then the guinea pig can move space fully.
  • If you have the cage that is of wire bottom then get a tray that covers the entire bottom where this gives more comfort to your guinea pet. In addition to this it also will make the cleaning work easier as you will be able to slide the tray in and out.
  • Ensure that you provide your guinea pig a commercial food, give a plenty of timothy hay, supplement with the fresh vegetables and always provide the fresh water to your guinea pig for its better health. In which you can also buy the guinea pig toys for your pet animal where by playing the toy the guinea pig will be active and smart.
  • Keep your guinea pig both calm while sometimes you may need to shovel up your guinea pig speedily and it is very much best to keep your guinea pig to calm and slow.
  • Support your cavy’s body from underneath just by placing your one hand under its chest and wrap up your fingers around its body gently where this makes your pet to feel happy and it also enjoy it.

Provide guinea pig toys

Apart from the above things you can also provide guinea pig toys to your pet where by keeping this the pet will be playing happily and it also enjoy it, this in turn help you to keep your pet healthy and stronger. There are number of guinea pig toys are available on the market in which find the best guinea pig toys for your pet animal so that it will be playing with the toy happily and also keep your pet to be active.

How to keep your guinea pig clean

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig for Beginners?

If you own a guinea pig in your home then it is very necessary to keep your pet animal clean and neat especially for its good health so it is your responsibility to verify your guinea pigs nose and eyes for removing the food materials that present in the mouth and nose of the guinea pig. Make sure your guinea pigs coat and its cavy’s skin for dryness, flaking or redness, if so then report to the veterinarian.

The guinea pigs are generally funny and active creatures and it will usually jump or run around out of their cages where this will keep your guinea pig so with good care. If you have care on your guinea pigs health then consult with your veterinarian and feed the food to your guinea pig accordingly so your guinea pig health will be good and it will look very beautiful and happy. If you are a beginner then you can also make Google search on the internet to know about how to care the guinea pigs to keep them healthy and happy in turn this will also increase its lifetime.