Who we are

We are Chloe (mom, 30), Brendan (dad, 33), Sky (oldest son, 4), and Tao (youngest little dude, 2). Chloe and Brendan met in high school and began climbing together as friends. We have been building our lives together for close to 13 years. Coming from a gymnastics background in France, Chloe has grown into a well accomplished (and respected) climber and Nurse working in the busiest emergency room in Denver, as well as providing critical care transport for the sickest of individuals. Brendan grew up on a sailboat for the first 9 years of his life before moving onto a professional career in sailboat racing and eventually working as a Firefighter / Paramedic for one of the busiest Engine / Ambulance stations in the Denver area. Brendan climbs 5.14 on the rock and has run three (so far) 50 mile races on trails. Chloe climbs 5.13, and ran her fisrt ultramarathon in August 2014. Both Chloe and Brendan have worked on various ski mountains and together as Ski Patrollers.

Spending time on the road and traveling have always been an important part of our lives. Climbing is usually the primary objective of our travels, but the adventure of the travel itself is always a very valuable part. We have climbed in places such as France, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, and of course the United States. We have always known that traveling, adventure and physical challenges are experiences that we want to pass along to our children. We have made many choices in our lives so as to allow us to continue this sort of life style and convey these values to our children. We have chosen to purchase a smaller home so as to have more money available for traveling and spending time outdoors with our children. We do not own a television. Our work schedules allow us to take large amounts of time to climb and travel. We run (i.e. we don’t drive) everywhere with our children. We use running strollers and run from our home to the parks, grocery stores, preschool, libraries, hardware stores, post offices etc… We will use our bicycles if we are too tired to run. We use a vehicle to go on road trips and drive to work (approx 35 miles), and even then, Brendan will run to work on occasion

The Couvreux family is having a new road tripping vehicle (van) built this winter, for our continuing adventures. We recently lost our van to a car accident this last October. Just like the one we had, this new van will be our second home. When completed, this vehicle will be a beautiful, rugged, and practical vehicle for our family travels. It will be a 1990 VW Vanagon that will be recycled, restored, and rebuilt into a modernized functionally reliable Westfalia Syncro Vanagon ready to take on the road, and ready to take on many adventures. Work is currently underway in Sacramento, CA, with a tentative project completion date of winter 2014.